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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Per FOX News:

Judge Greer denies DCF motion to unseal the financial records needed for their investigation.

Remember folks, this is par for the course here. The cloak of secrecy in such guardianship cases is the perfect set-up for corruption. Don't take my word for it. You can easily find it for yourself.

What's REALLY Driving the Death Train for Terri! EXPLOSIVE Revelations About Judge Greer and Pinellas County "Guardians!"

Much more information available here:

Justice for Florida Seniors.


  • Oh wow...I knew things were ripe for corruption as I speculated last night based on the evidence I found. But can a judge really prevent an investigation from getting the data they need?

    Where are the checks and balances in our system to keep one branch of gov't from getting too powerful? How come in the 90s, the florida congress decides that feeding tubes are life support and can be removed by a guardian...and no one voices that they're meddling with family affairs. But when they try to state that a living will must be made and must be done with the person having full knowledge of methods of death....they're meddling?

    So in one case they're ignored even though they made a decision effecting family decisions, but in the second case they're meddling and out of line. If they "meddled" in the 90s to enact the feeding tube legislation, how come they won't meddle now and refine the declaration? That's their make law. Judges don't make law, the legislature does and the executive, executes it into law by signing it. So how come on both the federal and state level, the populace thinks the congress is meddling and out of line, when it's the job of congess to make laws and refine laws if found that they can be abused?

    Grrrr....Sorry once again for a long winded rant.

    By Anonymous Ceci, at 10:46 AM  

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