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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Latest

From Blogs for Terri:

March 23, 2005
UPDATE from Press Conference

Here's the latest update from the press conference (Still underway? Expect further details later):

* Pleaded with Justice Kennedy and the US Supreme Court to "not rush to judgement," hoping for a stay so the case can be fully investigated.

* More people (including Terri's sister, Suzanne) going to Tallahassee to work on legislative action

* Senate President LEE and the GOP majority: "you have the fate of Terri in your hands". House has approved legislation, it's completely up to them. "If she dies, it's on the Senate's hands."

* Florida DCF is moving to have records unsealed

* If failure at US Supreme Court and Florida legislature fails to act, they plead with Governor Bush to use some executive authority to save Terri: "You may be Terri's last hope."


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