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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

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Radio Talk Show host Pat Campbell was kind enough to invite me onto his show this morning. Pat is with WFLA 540 AM and also a fellow blogger.

We talked about What's REALLY Driving the Death Train for Terri! EXPLOSIVE Revelations About Judge Greer and Pinellas County "Guardians!"

For those of you interested in reading more about the FACTS on how MANY are being abused by the cloak of secrecy and the elaborate web of professionals robbing people of their life savings with the aid of the judiciary, visit Justice for Florida Seniors.

"Dirty Tricks of Guardianships ‚ The Need for Change."

Guarding the Guardians

Guardian Angles

People in the Know Speak Out About Guardianship Abuse and Fraud

Guardianship: A National and Local Disgrace


  • Hey all, why not blast off an email to those Reps who don't support Terri - and show them this book by Felos? Check out the reviews.

    And thanks to whoever that was who emailed me about it - the mailing lists have me a bit confused.

    By Anonymous Sarah D., at 10:01 AM  

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