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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

School Takes Kids to Fair, and Kids Come Home with CONDOMS!

I AM SICK OF "GROUPS" INTERFERING IN MY PARENTING! Once the "cat" is out of the bag- you can't put it back in, and what on earth gives these groups the right to impose THEIR agenda onto my children? Have a seminar, if I want to send my kids, I can CHOOSE to do so! Why is it we don't want the government in our bedrooms, but it is okay for schools and "special interest groups" to enter my CHILD'S BEDROOM?

Fair organizers get surprise: group gives students condoms

WAUSAU, Wis. (AP) School officials and organizers of a health fair for middle-school students got a surprise when they learned an AIDS education group was handing out condoms.

Scott Eggebrecht's 14-year-old son, an eighth-grader at John Muir Middle School, was one of the students who brought home a condom from the event.

"He said, 'Look what they gave us,'" Eggebrecht, said. "He was real honest. ... I was just shocked that he came home with it."

About 1,150 students attended the fair Thursday at North Central Health Care, which was designed to teach about dangerous effects of using alcohol and drugs.

More than 33 displays created by community organizations were featured, said Sue Nowak of North Central Health Care, who organized the event.

Roger Rindo, director of secondary education for the Wausau School District, said Monday that administrators did not know workers with the Schofield office of the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin would be giving out the condoms.

Organizers and teachers stopped the distribution once they found out it was happening, and the district sent a letter to parents Friday with an explanation.

The center also apologized.

"It was done in error," Nowak said. "They were very apologetic. ... The group was just too young to be handing out condoms."

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I remember moving into a new house when my son was in 3rd grade. A little boy that lived next door came over and started to help. I was so impressed! He was the same age as my son. Once we got all unpacked, I went to meet our new neighbors. My son and I walked over to meet this boys parents and introduce ourselves. The father answered the door with a half empty bottle of vodka in his hand and reeking of pot. He began to tell me how he stayed at home with the 5 kids while mom worked. I was in a hurry to leave so I didn't even step into the house. I quickly announced that we needed to get dinner started and before I could turn to go, he started telling me (with my son standing right next to me, and all 5 of his kids surrounding him) how he smoked pot, but only the oldest girl (14) knew about it. My jaw just hit the ground. I quickly said, "Not anymore pal. You just announced it. Not only did I not want to hear it, I sure didn't want you talking about it in front of my son. Your kids are welcome to come play at our house, but my son will not be aloud in your home." As I headed down the porch steps, he proceded to tell me how I insulted him. AMAZING! Now I had to have a discussion with my EIGHT YEAR OLD ABOUT POT! BUT HE WAS OFFENDED????!!


  • After a lifetime of having to deal with potheads I know exactly what you are talking about. What a loser you had for a neighbor.

    By Blogger Alnot, at 10:34 PM  

  • And you're telling me that your neighbor had the nerve to be offended? Unbelievable! I think that the AIDS organization should have had authorization before passing out condoms. At what age do you discuss drugs and sex with your kids? Just because your kid is drug and sexfree DOES NOT mean that thier friends are.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:03 PM  

  • CT 1824
    I do not believe there is one certain age for the big sex talk. But leave it up to the parents! If the parents are involved with their children, then they will know when the time has come. Children are learning about sex and drugs younger and younger (partly because of parents like your neighbors), but let the children come to the parents with their questions. Do not slap them in the face with answers to questions they may not have yet.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:09 PM  

  • I agree CT 1824. It should be the parents decision and responsibility to talk to their kids about sex and drugs. Yes, I to believe that if parents continously communicate with their children ( and this involves effective listening as well) that they will know when it's time to discuss this issues.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:11 PM  

  • This is a great example of why we should not give the responsibility of parenting our kids to the government. The society we live in today is too relax for our children and this case tells it all. This is not a rare case, there are many parents out there who take drugs and expected civilize people to recognize there lifestyles as being normal. One thing we all must take to account, we as parents must be proactive in our children upbringing because it is not the responsibility of society or government.

    By Blogger BF7193, at 6:40 PM  

  • TB9131
    I think I may be just a little insulted if my 8th grader comes home with a condom. But considering the sources and it was a health fair I can see how the mistake happened so easlily. I would rather a health fair handing out the condoms then my child's friends or even the school system. It was an honest mistake and for those parents who are totally shocked by it, you better get moving with telling your teenage children about sex, diseases and all other types of issues before they would be telling you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 PM  

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