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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Victims of a the web of GREED is NOTHING new to Pinellas County.

Here in St. Petersburg, the court rules against the family most of the time.

What possible reason would induce the court to rule that a family keep a guardian for a loved one, when the family spends thousands of dollars to remove this guardian?

Not surprisingly, it all boils down to money. Attorneys, guardians and sometimes vendors, like financial advisors who manage the wards money, make thousands of dollars a year on a guardianship. They charge for poor service, no service and questionable service, as well as for what might be construed as legitimate service.

Guardianship is based on two faulty assumptions: That the court will provide oversight and that the guardian will be honest and discharge his/her duties toward the ward responsibly.

When families and friends of wards discover that the guardian is not acting responsibly, or worse, is stealing the ward's money or property, they come up against a wall of indifference, a court system which favors the guardian and a judicial system where the level of proof required for action is located in documents sealed by the court for the "protection" of the ward. And calling the police results in hearing that "this is a civil matter."

TERRI is caught in judicially aided scam. In my research, I have found that the Florida Statutes designed to protect the elderly and handicapped are ROUTINELY IGNORED by the JUDGES! The guardians (many of whom are appointed without consent of the family or the ward) are PERMITTED BY THE JUDGES to summarily IGNORE their RESPONSIBILITIES to the ward. As all this continues, who is FINALLY GOING TO STEP IN AND STOP THIS HORRENDOUS ABUSE OF VULNERABLE CITIZENS AND THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS?


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