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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Planned Parenthood Claims Pictures are "Deceitful?"

Graphic Anti-Abortion Billboard Disturbs Orlando Residents

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Residents of an Orlando neighborhood say a new billboard goes way too far with its anti-abortion message. The big sign shows graphic images of an aborted fetus. Parents say it should not be displayed along a residential street. The pictures are so graphic, has chosen not to show them.

This week, the ride to school for Jennifer Lusk's children changed. Lusk says a new billboard that went up over the weekend is far too disturbing.

"I went to the grocery store and came back and it was sitting there. It took my breath away. I was like, ugh. I walked in the house and started ranting," said Lusk.

The billboard shows large pictures of a fetus, torn into pieces and covered in blood. The targets of the message are women headed to the EPOC abortion clinic just blocks away on Virginia Drive.

The billboard sits across from Donovan Davis' mortgage office. It stands behind a fence at a vacant warehouse. The billboard headline reads, "Killing a baby is a bad choice."

"No matter what side of the abortion issue you come down on, it's just so inappropriate for my staff, my clients, kids going to and from school," said Davis.

The sign was created by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, an organization that stands by the message saying, "the billboard is disturbing, because abortion is disturbing," according to Gregg Cunningham, the executive director of the organization.

And soon, more Central Floridians will be affected by the images. The organization that created the billboard has an even bigger version that will be pulled behind a banner plane regularly flown over Orlando.

A spokesperson for the abortion clinic was not available to comment Wednesday.
A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood of Florida contacted Channel 9 on Wednesday afternoon, calling the billboard a "misleading, deceitful, and cruel scare tactic directed at woman and children."

I am sick of people HIDING from truth on the premise of "politcal correctness." Since when is HIDING FROM TRUTH- CORRECT? There is NOTHING CORRECT about HIDING from TRUTH! Sure- I don't want my young girls seeing these pictures, but unfortunately- this is the world we live in. Nickelodeon is allowing the pro-choicers to target our children! The best defense is a good offense. If Planned Parenthood wants to target my children- then THEY are the ones forcing the issue. I am not about to stick my head in the sand as they spew their cleansed information about abortion. They have forced my hand! If they want to target children- fine- but I am not about to let them go at it unchallenged.

Stay tuned- I have a plan, and God is BLESSING IT!

"Ignorance sustained by denial is crippling this nation's response to abortion. When something is so horrifying that we can't stand to look at it, perhaps we shouldn't be tolerating it!"


  • For those who think these billboards are inappropriate...too bad. This is exactly what is happening and it isn't going to be shoved under the rug anymore. Truth hurts, doesn't it??

    By Anonymous Marine Momma, at 10:50 PM  

  • Gregg,

    Well done. While the pictures are very unpleasant, people must realize that there can be no compromise on abortion. Either we, as a nation, protect the weak among us or we will fully have to accept death on demand for anyone. There is no middle ground.

    By Blogger Tom, at 11:49 PM  

  • AAWWWW Doncha just feel bad for PP? --N O T ! Im onestep away from wearing those pictures on my t shirt. Anyone care to bail me out of jail?

    By Blogger KC, at 3:44 PM  

  • The billboard is serving it's purpose-to get attention.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 PM  

  • CT 1824
    My cousin is 5 years old, and she went to play at a friend's house about two weeks ago. She was there for maybe an hour, and her friends parents took it upon themselves to educate her about abortion. They told her that it was alright and that people should have a choice. First of all....what kind of a parent tells a 5 year old, especially a 5 year old that is not their own, about something as sensitive as abortion. My point is that if pro-choice advocates are going to preach it to children...for example on Nickelodeon....than shut-up about pro-lifers preaching it back!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:13 PM  

  • cw7560
    Abortion is a personal choice. If someone has a particular view, that's fine, keep it to yourself. I didn't ask you for your opinion, why should you punish me and my child? These people just want to bring attention to their agenda, by any means necessary. I think there is a better way to do this. Desperate people do desperate acts. These pictures are signs of desperation. Those pictures have to be past rated R. Children aren't even supposed to go into movie theaters to see things like this without their parents. If these people really cared about children, they would not have these pictures up. What do you say to your child when they see pictures like this in the open? I told my child that there are some very sick people in this world. People who are sick enough to display these images. I have seen a van here in this area with these disgusting pictures. My child does not need to see these pictures. I monitor the things that he watches on television, now I have to look out what is coming down the street? It always amazes me that people want to push their opinion about abortion onto others; where is the uproar about the children who no one wants? If these people really want to do something, sponsor a pregnant woman who doesn't have many alternatives. Give her options, help her out if she has no family. Offer to baby-sit when she needs a break. Not every woman that has a child is meant to be a mother. We have too many children in foster care, no one wants to adopt them. Why don't these pro-lifers reach out to them. These children are here, they are alive! No, these people go back to their homes and their lives, thinking they have accomplished something great when they visually assault the public with these pictures. Before you point a finger of blame at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. Get your life right!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:50 PM  

  • The billboard is an expression of speech and opinion. It is unfortunate that our children have to be exposed to this type of raw, in-your-face advertisement at such a young age.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:30 PM  

  • People today do not concern themselves about the other opinion and this is what it leads to. We have folks in society who purposely put this out in the public to achieve their wicked agenda. When I see thing like this in the open I some time blame myself. It is hard to find reason why members of society disregard morals. Our children today are facing and overpowering immorality that has never been seen before. However, I try to play my part by educating my children because this world is just too relaxed.

    By Blogger BF7193, at 7:34 PM  

  • TB9131
    I agree with the billboard being posted. Abortion is a horrific thing and the same way we want to discourage drug and alcohol abuse we should be discouraging abortion. It is an in your face but so what. If that's the choice you decide to make (having an abortion) then you shouldn't be bothered by what it shows happens when you have an abortion. If you are against abortion(as myself) this should be encourging news. I would not mind billboards showing images like this for it is the truth and nothing but the truth. Turn away if you are horrific by such an act. I myself can't stand to see these types of images, but this is reality.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:39 PM  

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